New allegations against Kevin: Report from court

New developments from Kevin’s Christmas Eve court date.

On December 24th, Kevin appeared in court for another pre-trial hearing, which offered new insights into the prosecution’s case.

Illinois mink release to be used in trial

It has been learned the prosecution intends to use an animal liberation action (which he is not being charged with) against him in his current case: a mink release that happened in Morris, Illinois on August 14th.

While the details are not clear, the indication is they will use this raid to circumstantially support a case Kevin intended to commit “burglary” against another fur farm. And that he was to do so using the “burglary tools” that are the basis of his current charges. The Morris incident was alleged to have occurred the night before Kevin’s arrest.

Again, Kevin is not being charged with the mink release, and whether the prosecution will be successful at somehow using it against him for the “burglary tools” charge is of course undetermined.

Prosecution alleging a fur farm as the “burglary” target

On a similar note, the prosecution is now alleging Kevin intended to “burglarize” a specific target the night of his arrest: An as yet unnamed fur farm. Previously, the prosecution was pursuing “burglary tools” charges without alleging any specific target.

Its important to note Kevin and Tyler were not arrested on or near any fur farm. The basis for this allegation is as of yet unclear, but appears to be circumstantial and at least partially motivated by the Morris, Illinois mink release that happened the night before.

Kevin’s trial date has been rescheduled for January 20th.

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