Prison phone reform: Take action

Here’s an issue that affects Kevin – and all US prisoners – directly.

Besides letters, Kevin’s primary lifeline to the outside is phone calls. And they are expensive.

Recently, the FCC enacted one form of prison phone reform, forcing providers to reduce their rate by 25% to 50%. This had a huge impact on Kevin’s expenses for out of state calls.

Now, the FCC is considering a follow-up reform. This would apply the same rate reductions to intrastate calls, allowing prisoners to call friends and family members in the same state at a reduced rate.

Kevin passed along that this is an issue that is important to him, and is asking his supporters to submit comment in support of this reform to the FCC.cppjbannerjpeg_600_164[1]

Step one:

Go to this website.

Step two:

Click the “Take Action” tab

(this link is specially coded to prevent submission fraud, preventing us from giving the direct link)

Thanks for taking this small action to help prisoners.

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