Kevin released from halfway house!


Kevin has spent the last year in a halfway house, following almost three years in prison, and today he was released! He still has two years of probation left, but is excited for this new stage of freedom.

From Kevin:

I cannot sufficiently express my joy today. My time operating via direct action for animals has come to an end, but reflecting on this ordeal, I have no regret, only gratitude.
After thirty-six years imprisoning and gassing generations of minks, the East Fork Mink Ranch no longer exists. 誰避免奪回,並使其有這些水貂已經有了曾孫,,en,而我早已忘記,,en,但我永遠不會忘記他們,,en,還是那一夜,,en,我的餘生,,en,感謝所有那些誰在這場鬥爭中站在我和泰勒,,en,按照你的激情,,en,凱文從中途之家發布,,en,凱文已經度過了去年在中途之家,,en,以下有期徒刑近三年,,en,今天他被釋放,,en,他還有兩個年緩刑左,,en,但興奮的這種自由的新階段,,en,從凱文·,,en, and I am long forgotten. But I will never forget them, or that night, for the rest of my life.
Thanks to all those who have stood with me and Tyler in this fight. Follow your passion.