Heads up: FBI making the rounds in Southern California

FBI using divide and conquer tactics in attempts to question friends of Kevin & Tyler.

Be aware: The FBI has been questioning (and more often, attempting to question) several friends of Tyler & Kevin in the Los Angeles area. While this is not remarkable in any politicized case, there are two important elements here that make this latest round of questioning notable:

The FBI is attempting to turn friends against Kevin: Unfortunately, at least one person has unwisely spoken to the FBI. Los Angeles FBI agents pulled one of the oldest tricks in their book: Using disinformation to build negative feelings against Kevin to make the person being questioned more willing to talk. While this trick should be transparent, its worth repeating: The FBI isn’t just allowed to lie, they usually do. “Divide and conquer” wouldn’t be such a well-worn tactic if it didn’t work. Don’t be one of the people to fall for it.

The FBI has alluded to perjury charges for those who talk: FBI agents told the person who spoke with them they already knew the answers to everything they asked, indicating a possible intention to file perjury charges if cooperators give the “wrong” answers. If ever there was a more glaring reason to not speak with the FBI, this is it: They want you to talk so they can put you in prison. 

There is never any incentive to speak with the FBI. They will use your “cooperation” to put you in prison.

Read this thorough overview of what to do if the FBI attempts to question you: “If An Agent Knocks.” (PDF)


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