Action Alert: Call the jail now

There are two pressing issues affecting Kevin & Tyler right now, and calls are needed to let the Woodford County Jail know that the world is watching.

1. Neither are receiving vegan food.

2.  Neither are allowed to receive books.

Please call the jail now: 309-467-2116

The book ban

As posted yesterday, the jail instituted a book ban hours after Kevin & Tyler’s wish list was posted online. They are 10% of a 20-person jail, and the only prisoners regularly receiving books. The ban is a transparent attempt to target them.

Both receiving insufficient food

Despite over two weeks of attempting to remedy the situation from the inside, the jail continues to disregard their need for vegan food. They have been forced to pick out small amounts of vegan food from their meals, and many meals provide nothing that is vegan. The jail has been unresponsive to their consistent requests, and its time for these requests to start coming from the outside.

Giving the jail a free education in how to treat prisoners

With a jail as small as Woodford County, it is likely they are not aware what it means to target prisoners who  have massive outside support. Together, we can educate them.

All calls to the jail should (politely) let the jail know that:

The jail should allow books to its prisoners (like nearly every other jail in the country).

Kevin & Tyler should be provided vegan food.

Please call the jail now: 309-467-2116

If the response you receive from the jail is unsatisfactory

Call the sheriff and let him know what the jail (that is under his supervision) is doing, and ask what he is going to do to correct it.

Sheriff James Pierceall: 309-467-2375

Phone calls achieve results. Many small battles like these have been won for prisoners through phone calls from the outside. Thanks for supporting Tyler & Kevin.

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