Kevin released from halfway house!

Kevin watha chaka chatha mu nyumba theka,,en,zotsatirazi pafupifupi zaka zitatu m'ndende,,en,ndipo lero atamasulidwa,,en,Iye ali zaka ziwiri kuletsedwa kumanzere,,en,koma poona kuti nthawi imeneyi latsopano ufulu,,en,kuyambira Kevin,,en,Sindingathe mokwanira kufotokoza chimwemwe changa lero,,en,nthawi yanga ukugwira ntchito kudzera mwachindunji nyama wafika kumapeto,,en, following almost three years in prison, and today he was released! He still has two years of probation left, but is excited for this new stage of freedom. From Kevin: I cannot sufficiently express my joy today. My time operating via direct action for animals has come to an end,… Werengani zambiri →


Statement ku Kevin

Reposted from the Center for Constitutional Rights: For those cheering CCR’s challenge to the AETA, let’s challenge our own comfort By Kevin Johnson Three years ago, my friend Tyler and I crept onto a squalid and cramped fur farm in northern Illinois and released two thousand mink from their cages to save their lives. Approximately a year later, a manWerengani zambiri →

fight AETA

Kumunyamula Court ndi! Oral akangane vuto AETA!

From the Center for Constitutional Rights: Kumunyamula Court ndi: Oral Argument in Activist “Terrorism” Case Date: Lachitatu, September 21, 2016 9:00am Location: U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Main Courtroom Room 2721 Chicago, IL 60604 Chonde agwirizane CCR Lachitatu, September 21, pa 9 ndine (CST) in Chicago for oral arguments in U.S. ndime. Johnson, an appeal fromWerengani zambiri →