Kevin Moved to MCC Chicago

Kevin was transferred this weekend to Metropolitan Correctional Center, a federal facility in Chicago. This move is actually bound to be better overall for Kevin, as he’ll have cheaper commissary, better quality vegan meals, much more generous visitation rules, and access to a variety of reading materials (e.g., magazines). Kevin and Tyler’s case is, of course, still being fought. Because the... read more

Lawsuit filed against jail over illegal mail policy

After an illegal magazine policy, the Prison Legal News files lawsuit against Kevin Olliff’s jail. Many, many jails have been sued over their refusal to allow magazines to prisoners. However many jails still refuse to allow periodicals, in flagrant violation of constitutional law that has been tested in the courts time and time again. Kankakee County Jail is  the latest jail to be taken to court for... read more

Warrants sought for cell phone, more

Three brief updates on Kevin & Tyler’s case. 1. Government granted extension to reply to Animal Enterprise Terrorism challenge This week, prosecutors were granted an extension to reply to a motion filed by Kevin’s attorneys to void the Animal Enterprise Terrorism charges on Constitutional grounds. They now have until December 31st to respond. 2. A terrorism expert and professor from... read more

Prison phone reform: Take action

Here’s an issue that affects Kevin – and all US prisoners – directly. Besides letters, Kevin’s primary lifeline to the outside is phone calls. And they are expensive. Recently, the FCC enacted one form of prison phone reform, forcing providers to reduce their rate by 25% to 50%. This had a huge impact on Kevin’s expenses for out of state calls. Now, the FCC is considering a... read more

Support Shirts & Stickers Available Now

They’re ready! With some generous help from our friends Acme Prints, the cleverly designed t-shirts and stickers are ready for purchase. Shirts are printed with water-based inks on organic American Apparel unisex tees. You know you want one. So buy a shirt (or two or three) and some stickers, and 100% of the proceeds go to support Kevin and Tyler. Click here to place your order through the online... read more

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