Government fights to keep Kevin in jail

In court Wednesday, the government argued Kevin Olliff should remain in custody at the end of his Illinois state prison sentence. Kevin’s current release date is October 15th, after serving his state-level sentence for “possession of burglary tools”, after being pulled over miles from a fox farm with wire cutters. In court this week, federal prosecutors argued Kevin was a “danger... read more

Analyzing terrorism rhetoric in Kevin & Tyler’s AETA charges

On Tuesday (July 29, 2014), Kevin and Tyler were arraigned in the Northern District of Illinois on two counts of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Media on the event that day came most notably from Jason Meisner’s coverage in The Chicago Tribune, and from a post at written by Lauren Gazzola—longtime activist, defendant in the well-known SHAC 7 case, and plaintiff in the... read more

And in a twist of events, Kevin’s been moved to Danville

KEVIN TRANSFERRED TO DANVILLE CORRECTIONAL CENTER  Earlier this week, we posted an update on Kevin’s status and what we all expected to be the next steps of his ongoing incarceration in light of the recent AETA indictment. Some things have changed… The Good News Kevin got back his property, so he has his books, coffee, and some commissary items leftover from Vandalia. He has some sporadic... read more

Worsening conditions for Kevin after terrorism charges

For the initial days following the July 10th AETA indictment, Kevin was still being held in general population at Vandalia Correctional Center. As of July 17th, however, he was moved into segregational custody at the prison. Since then, he’s had almost no contact with the outside world, aside from one letter he was able to send and phone calls with attorneys. Between information gathered... read more

What the media is saying about Kevin & Tyler’s AETA charges

Exactly one week ago, Kevin and Tyler were indicted on two counts of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Since that time, their story and its broader implications have gotten quite a bit of media attention. Check out some of the articles and interviews below, share them, and please always include a note that support funds are needed to fight these charges—both to help Kevin and Tyler, and to... read more

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