Kevin & Tyler indicted on federal charges

UPDATED (7/17): Statements from Tyler and Kevin included below  Regarding the AETA indictment of Tyler Lang & Kevin Olliff… First, let’s acknowledge the timing of this event: We’re well aware that arresting Tyler Lang on an indictment of federal charges was coordinated to coincide with the annual National Animal Rights Conference and the Fight or Flight Tour fundraiser. It was the FBI’s blatant... read more

Quick update on Kevin

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update on Kevin’s wellbeing, mostly because life at Vandalia has been fairly quiet and uneventful. But Kevin is still doing well, looking healthy, and feeling optimistic about what’s coming next after his release. He’s actually talking about how it’s starting to feel closer and closer, and he’s excited to get back to the... read more

Vice News article on Kevin and Tyler

  Animal Rights Activist Sentenced to 30 Months in Jail for Having Bolt Cutters in His Car The following article recently appeared on Vice News. An animal rights activist with a long history of activism—and an equally long rap sheet—was sentenced to 30 months in jail for having bolt cutters in the back of his Prius. Kevin Olliff and Tyler Lang were driving through rural Illinois on August 15, 2013,... read more

Talkers, dividers, & doing the FBI’s work: New Statement from Kevin

New statement from Kevin, April 2nd 2014. “In prison, you want to know that others are taking up where you left off. So when people ask me what they should do to support prisoners, I tell them to send movement news. Even in the grayest correctional bubble, word of critters scurrying from concentration camps is enough to bring a sense of freedom flooding back into any activist’s veins. But... read more

27 Books for Kevin’s 27th Birthday

With nine more months in prison, Kevin is looking at serious unstructured free time. He wants more than anything to spend it being productive in some way, which means reading as much as he can. Kevin turns 27 on March 27th—exactly 27 days from the date of this posting. So let’s send him 27 books in 27 days for his 27th birthday. Below is a list of books Kevin would love to receive. Obviously, more... read more

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