Article Corrections

Recent news articles about Kevin’s change of plea hearing in the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune contained inaccurate information. Here are some corrections: Kevin is facing a maximum of three years in prison. Kevin is actually facing five years in prison. The U.S. Attorney’s Office would not offer a binding plea and expressly reserved the … Read more

CMU taking special interest in Kevin’s communications

Sorting Mail

Things have taken a turn for the worse since the last update about the BOP restricting Kevin’s communications. Earlier this week, Kevin was notified that the Communications Management Unit (CMU) had taken a special interest in his correspondence with the outside world. Please read this post in its entirety to get necessary information on staying in touch … Read more

Jail launches campaign to limit Kevin’s communications


Since last court date, increasing restrictions placed on Kevin’s communications After Kevin and Tyler’s last AETA court date hearing, restrictions on Kevin’s communications took a turn for the worse. Lately Kevin has suffered several serious examples of choking off his contact with lawyers, friends, and supporters on the outside. Including: Mail restriction Nondelivery of mail Daily … Read more

Judge denies motion to dismiss AETA charges, statement from Kevin

American Mink

Unfortunate news. This week, the judge in Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff’s case issued her ruling, declining to strike down the Animal Enterprise Act on Constitutional grounds. The case will continue on it’s present course, with Tyler and Kevin charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for allegedly freeing mink. Kevin’s statement on this development … Read more

Wrap up: Thursday’s court hearing on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


After the Thursday’s landmark hearing in which the court heard arguments on the Constitutionality of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, Kevin wrote this summary of the day: “It has been incredibly inspiring in the past week to see so many people standing up and demonstrating their refusal to be silenced – in this way, we … Read more