Kevin’s first statement from prison

New statement from prison: Inaction, regret, and the time to act. The following statement was sent by Kevin this week, after arriving at the Vandalia prison in Illinois. Sometimes we think of the ones who got away. Sometimes we think of the ones who did not. I came across a skunk one time. “Farmers” who confine large numbers of animals often set traps to capture and kill local wildlife who come to eat the... read more

Kevin arrives at prison

Following 3 weeks in transit, Kevin arrives at prison After a few weeks at a reception facility, where his communications were limited, Kevin arrived at his prison destination this week. And it’s a strange one. Kevin was sentenced last month to 2.5 years in prison for possessing wire cutters and cammo clothing prosecutors say were to be used in the raid of a fox farm the night of his arrest. Good... read more

Kevin sentenced to 2.5 years for wire cutters

Kevin Olliff receives 30 month sentence for possession of fur farm “burglary tools.” Update 1-22: New address posted at bottom. Tuesday, Kevin Olliff accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 2.5 years in Illinois prison. The only allegation against him was possessing tools the prosecution claimed were intended to be used to “burglarize” a fox farm. With credit for time served, and... read more

Update on Kevin & Tuesday’s pretrial

First off, Kevin is still doing well: sharp as ever, maintaining his sense of humor, and enjoying the small graces jail affords—too much instant coffee, tons of reading time, and all your letters. He sends his love and thanks, as always. And he’s especially grateful for and happily surprised by the donations that have been coming in to support his attorneys. (We’ve still got $5,500 to go to... read more

New allegations against Kevin: Report from court

New developments from Kevin’s Christmas Eve court date. On December 24th, Kevin appeared in court for another pre-trial hearing, which offered new insights into the prosecution’s case. Illinois mink release to be used in trial It has been learned the prosecution intends to use an animal liberation action (which he is not being charged with) against him in his current case: a mink release that... read more

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